Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Bernie, Bernie, Bernie: You made the flowers bloom (A poem about Bernie Sanders, America's peaceful revolutionary)

The Flowers Miss Bernie Sanders

The flowers miss you Bernie. The garden's cat looks for you in vain.

Bernie was the tip of an iceberg. A frosty tip that somehow melted into that big lump of snow ... the DNCC. *
Bernie was the focal point, a magnifying glass that, aiming at an injustice, burned it into smoke. A smoldering residue of hope now remains.

Bernie was the watering can, that made the flowers bloom. Now waters through someone else's spout.**

Bernie, always found weeding, for a garden of sweetness: He made the revolution blossom. Did his exit, his decision to join the opposition leave hope to wither and die?

Time will tell.

Bernie was the moon that lifted the tide. Now the pull of that moon seems to have remarkably waned. See how the high-water marks recede! The ocean has been watered down.

Bernie was the action figure, the hero that slammed his opponents into whimpering caricatures of doom. Now the fools are grinning with impish smiles.

Bernie was the magnet that held the iron filings in unique and fascinating patterns on the pages of history. Now the iron falls this way and that.

Bernie was nothing. A man. That's all. A good man, but just a man. He has gone away. Disappeared into the machinery of the party. His online pages lie idle.

His fans imagine wild schemes.

Some dream of Resurrections. Some imagine back-stage plots. He will come again. He will be President!

Some rub their hands in glee. "I told you so." Some think the South shall rise again, or the Soviet Union will reform. Some imagine lots of things.

Bernie, we dream of you at night. We long for your voice by day. We refuse to let you just ... die. To us it seems you more or less just went away. But without your direct leadership, there is none.

We dined among friends: The bread was wholesome, the wine was sweet. Now no one takes his place at the head of the table. There is but an empty place for the unseen quest.

Bernie, the charmer of the little bird. You are busy charming other little birds perhaps. Birds that sit in political convention seats, we are told.

To us it is all the same. You are out of sight. You are gone.

Before, you and the stars above made the night skies twinkle. This was before they fizzled. How you and the sun made the days shine so brightly!

Bernie, Bernie, Bernie. The Revolution that was meant to be.

The flowers miss you Bernie Sanders. The flower children miss you too.

By Frank Ellsworth Lockwood


*Democratic National Convention
** Sanders Endorsed his opponent, effectively making him support his party's political other candidate, his former opponent Hillary Clinton.

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