Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Crying with me last night: A song by Frank Ellsworth Lockwood

Dream Song: (Eerie Music)
This is a song written by Frank Ellsworth Lockwood on January 17, 2014, inspired by a dream and re-written/edited on October 28, 2015.. 

Who was that crying with me last night?

Chorus 1
I thought I heard laughter
Seeping through the rafters:
A sound of barroom music
Drifting through the night.

Verse 1
I was dreaming of
Old songs of sadness
Dancing on the left,
Talking on the right.


Verse 2
Oh yes, I heard laughter
But I was crying,
Shrinking on my pillow
In oceans of blue music,
Drifting through the night.

Verse 3
Please, I think I'm dying,
And sinking in this sand.
Someone can't you help me,
And hold my hand?
As I go smirking through the night.

Verse 4
Before my head goes under.
Something makes me wonder.
Will anyone be singing,
My songs when I die?

Chorus 2
I heard God laughing.
Someone called it "thunder."
Eerie dreary music.
Drifting through the night.

Verse 5
My aching body tenses,
While they break someone’s senses.
Out in the woodsheds
And we all condoned.


Verse 6
Slowly I am sifting, all I've seen and heard.
Some lunatic was laughing, amused at the absurd
Sighs and moans, oh, sighs and moans.
Songs of sorrow, someone was sobbing softly
In bed with me last night.

Chorus 2

Who was that crying with me last night?

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