Tuesday, June 06, 2017

The Wonderful Fool

INCOMPLETE SONG: Needs more chords added.

A country western song by "Smirky" Frank Ellsworth Lockwood

Verse 1
Fm7 Such a wonderful fool. //

Fm7 Yes, I B7 was a EbM7wonderful Eb6 fool

Fm7 I flirted and Bb7 played my EbM7 way through Eb6 school,

Bbm7 'Cause I Eb7 was AbM7 such a Db7 wonderful Gm7 fool.

C7 - Yes Fm7 such a mag B7 nificent CbM7 fool.

Verse 2
Bbm7 Look at me Eb9 now AbM7 I'm a wandering Db9 soul.

Yes, a wandering soul.

I never know, which way to go,|

'Cause I'm E just a wandering soul.

I should have stayed with you.

Our vows were to the grave.

I surely would have stayed,

Had I know the price we'd pay.

But I was a wonderful fool.

Verse 3
Now no-girl wants to stay

To have a wedding day.

With me ...

'Cause I'm just a wonderful fool.

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