Friday, December 02, 2016

The America of my dreams

I love my country!

I love my flag. I love liberty and justice for all.

I love the deserts in bloom and majestic mountains and clean seas and oceans, and lakes and rivers of pure water. I adore the high country and the lowlands, the big sky, the cities, the farms and the wilderness, the national parks and wildlife reserves. I love clean air and undiluted soil and clean energy.

I love campgrounds and parks, boat launches and fishing piers and golf courses and race tracks, and fairs and rodeos. I love hot air balloons, airplane rides and horse stables. I love grocery stores and Saturday markets and post offices and schools and fire departments and kindly and compassionate policemen.

I love our generous hosts, the Native Americans and our millions of minorities too, and I rejoice when they share political and economic power. I love public education for all, and safety nets for the unfortunate and opportunities for everyone. I love children’s hospitals and research programs and Arts in the Park. I love music. I love my vegetable garden.

I love my neighbors: Christians, Atheists, Muslims and more. I love them when they are born in the USA and I love them when they are born somewhere else. I love to see them walking their dogs and playing with their kittens. I love to get along with my neighbors next door or around the world. I also love to work. And I love paydays! I love fair division of profits and I love it when hard work is rewarded, and when the gains from corporate productivity are shared equitably by all, owners and employees.

This is my America, the land of the free: The is the land and the people that I love: This is the America of my dreams.


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